Thursday, March 26, 2009

A day in the life of Hayden

Hayden had a busy day today.

For lunch she had some spaghetti that was left over from Noah's visit to an Italian Restaurant. I thought the noodles had all been cut up before I heated it. Guess I was wrong.

She was modeling her tutu when she came across a magnifying glass. She spent a lot of time examining everything within reach.

She decided she needed a closer look at my camera while it was in use - which made for a neat photo.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

3 weeks and counting

In 3 weeks I leave for a trip to California along with 3 others of the TTT gang. We will fly into San Francisco and be tourists for 5 days. We then will drive down to Monterey and play for a couple of days until we report to Asilomar Conference Grounds for 5 days of classes offered by Empty Spools Seminars.

When I lived in California I was able to attend a session of Empty Spools every year. I knew that it would be the thing I missed the most when I left. I'm so excited that a group of us is going to be able to go. The other 3 have never attended so I hope their experience will be as great as I keep promise them it will be!

I'm so looking forward to the trip and to seeing the beautiful scenery again.

Now, if I can only figure out what to pack for my class. In the past I could drive to Asilomar so I could bring half of my fabric stash if I wanted. How I'm going to get all the fabric I want into a suitcase is a dilemma.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blast from the past

I recently came across the email address for an old friend. Dave served aboard the USS Canopus with Jerry back in the early 70's while it was tied up in Scotland.

We made good friends during that tour of duty - some of whom we still hear from at the holidays.

Dave emailed me this photo which was taken at a department picnic in August '73. I'm on the left, the middle is Colleen and the right is Jeanne. The little blond boy in the front is Coleen's son. I can't believe how young I was. And that hair! (click photos for larger view)

Jerry is on the right in this photo. He sure was skinny!

What fun it was to see the photos Dave sent.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lazy evening

This is how Grandpa and Hayden spent part of their evening last night. I'm not sure which one of them fell asleep first! Aren't they sweet?