Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Trip

Hayden's pre-school class made a trip to West Farm yesterday. They had a busy morning of activities. (click photos for larger view)

She got to pick out her own pumpkin...

...which she and mommy decorated with paint and stickers

She got to feed the cow and the sheep

We went on a hayride

and she ran through the haybale maze

It's hard to get all the kids to pose for a photo

But more fun saying "CHEESE" when mommy is there.

At dinner we always ask the kids what the best part of their day was. When we asked Hayden what the best was for her she said it was the bouncy ball at the farm.

It was a fun day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Georgia Quilt Show

I attended the Georgia Quilt Show in the Atlanta area over the weekend. The quilts on display were lovely. The registration materials said that photos would not be allowed at the show so I did not take my camera. Turns out the limit on photos was only for a couple of special exhibitions, including the Hoffman Challenge.

I snagged these photos from the show website.

This was the Best of Show quilt. Lots of heavy quilting on this.

Serengeti at Twilight by Leona Harden

I liked this quilt of the young girl on the beach.

Beach Baby by Molly Samuels

This was the first quilt one saw upon entering the show. It was really cool and caused a bit of a traffic jam at the entrance.

The Moment of Inspiration by Sandy Curran

I didn't take any classes but did attend a lecture on dyeing fabric in the microwave. It was interesting and I'm going to give it a try.

In the past they did the Georgia Quilt Show every other year but they announced they'll be doing the show again next year October 20-22.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Random thoughts on a fall day

I spent the weekend at the state quilters guild annual retreat. Participants can either take a class from one of our state's talented teachers or set up in a bring your own project room. I went the BYOP route but didn't really get much accomplished. I took my camera and it never left my suitcase. I promise you that a lot of great work was done over the weekend (by others!)I just won't be able to prove it! The weather was great and I think everyone had a wonderful time.

I've been in a creative funk lately. Hopefully I'll get past that soon.

Also this past weekend was my 41st high school reunion which I was not able to attend.

I've seen photos from the reunion on several Facebook pages and it was fun to pick out old friends in the photos.

Redford High School in Detroit was a good place to go to school back in the '60's but the entire Detroit school system has been plagued by problems over the years. Redford was closed a couple of years ago and the last I heard there is a plan to develop the property into a shopping area. Redford's brush with greatness includes graduating George C. Scott and the actor Michael Dunn - google him for a photo - bet you recognize him (oh, and me too!)

It looks like summer has finally left South Carolina. We had such a hot humid summer and I think many of us had given up hope on cooler weather arriving.