Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Jerry and I have been looking for a new house for about 9 months. Our 'want' list changed a bit over the course of our search but one thing that didn't change was my desire for more space for my sewing.

At the end of last month we closed on this house. The house was a short sale and closing was in doubt up until we actually signed the papers. The former owners were sad to have to leave a home they loved, but circumstances prevented them staying in the property.

I don't have any photos of my own of the house so I snagged this one off of a real estate site.

Between the two garages on the lower level of the house is a rec room which will be where I set up my sewing machine(s). The room is smaller than I remember it being when we first looked at the house. The lighting isn't great either because the room was designed more as a TV room. Jerry will add a bit of lighting for me. As for it being smaller than I pictured - I'm solving that problem by spilling over into the 2 bedrooms on that level! The entire lower level will be mine for creating. There is a wet bar on that level which I envision using for dyeing. Hopefully it will all work into a good working space.

We have had more frustration with service people during this process. Right now we are working with 3 different people for various services we need at either the new house or the house we're leaving. In each case estimates were delivered a day or two after they were initially promised. Guess it's considered a new way of working. I sure hope the painter actually shows up Friday as he promised!

We haven't set our moving date in stone yet. It's time for another 24 hours of lemons race next weekend and Jerry's attention has been focused on that.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Rest in Peace

Our friend Ned passed away this week.

He was on vacation in Mexico with his beautiful wife Linda and some other friends when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

Ned was a gentle soul who never failed to make me laugh. He will be deeply missed.