Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting off the couch

Years ago (about 20) I used to run. I never actually ran, it was more like a slow jog, but I entered numerous races. Most races saw me finish way in the back sometimes just in front of the police cruiser with its flashing lights indicating the end of the race. I even received a special Turtle Award trophy for being the last finisher in one race. The longest race I ever ran was a half marathon and I was the last uninjured finisher - but heck I finished!

I did win the women's category in a one mile race once but the weather was so bad that only 3 women entered the race and the other 2 dropped out before finishing the mile.

After we moved from Charleston to Columbia SC I tweaked my knee - probably because Columbia wasn't flat like Charleston and the hills were not kind to the joints-and I gradually stopped running.

Here we are 20 years later (and back in flat Charleston) and I got a bug that I wanted to try to run again. I know that just walking is better on the joints but I never could get enthused about just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

I came across a program called Couch to 5K on the Cool site and decided to give it a go. It's a 9 week program that starts with more walking than running. Week one had intervals of 90 seconds of running followed by 60 seconds of walking. Each successive week has more running and less walking until one builds up to 35 minutes of straight running - presumably enough to complete a 5K in a timely manner.

When I first started the program I got to week 2 and my knee started bothering me. I immediately went to the doctor who prescribed physical therapy. I learned lots of great stretches and strengthening techniques and the knee feels pretty good now. I restarted the program at week one and am now 6 weeks in.

I don't have a race goal in mind to test my new found 5K abilities, but need to schedule something just to keep me motivated.

See you on the roads!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

9 years ago

Noah was born 9 years ago today.

I remember that day so well. We were living in California and waiting anxiously to hear that he had arrived safely. We didn't get to Charleston to see him for a week and it was so hard to miss so much of his infancy.

He decided on a slip & slide party so we set that up, filled up a bunch of water balloons and got out the water guns. It has been so hot and humid that when I brought the camera out for photos the lens fogged up. I didn't realize it as I was taking the photos so that's why some of these photos look blurry.

He shares his birthday with his Aunt Heather who turned 21 today. Her party may involve some slipping and sliding, but not the same kind as Noah's!

Happy Birthday Noah (and Heather)!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Beach Retreat 2010

Every year my guild, Cobblestone Quilters Guild, holds its annual beach retreat on Seabrook Island. This year's retreat started this past Friday and ran until today. We had rain on and off all weekend so we couldn't spend the time on the deck overlooking the ocean like usual, but it was still a great time. (click photos for larger view)

We always have a snack table which is loaded down with a variety of tempting goodies.

Lots of beautiful projects were worked on. My table mate, Frances, did this detailed paper pieced Dogwood.

She nearly ran out of the blue fabric for the sky. This is what was left when she finished the piecing.

There were so many beautiful quilts in progress through the weekend and I'm sorry I didn't get photos of most of them. Here are a few I was able to photograph.

Here is Karen's Monterrey Medallion. There were 3 others finished at retreat but I didn't get photos. Each looked so different because of the different color palette.

Janice's wall hanging

Betsy's Ohio Square Dance

Betsy's snowman


Marva's. For some reason I can't get this photo to orient the right way but I wanted to share this cool quilt. I loved the fabric gradation.

I also worked on a Monterrey Medallion. I started later than the others so am nowhere near done with mine. The red in the quilt doesn't seem so strong in person. Wish I'd seen how it reacts in the photo before I sewed all those blocks! I would have changed it.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Roller Derby

Did you know that Charleston has a Roller Derby league? We attended one of the matches last Saturday night. Jerry got us VIP tickets (there are VIPs that go to Roller Derby??) so we were in the special seats and our meal and drinks were included. There were more people in the stands than I expected and it was an interesting group of people.

Craig & Chrystal came with us.

It was an interesting experience but I'm not sure I'm in a hurry to return. Maybe we'll go back when Hayden joins the team.