Sunday, March 31, 2013

Springtime in Charleston

My guild has a show every 2 years. In the past we've had a raffle quilt but can't really call it that because technically raffles are considered gambling and that's against South Carolina law. To avoid potentially breaking the law the committee for our next show decided to do a theme contest. Members would submit a quilt based on the theme "A Quilters View of Charleston" The image of the winning quilt would be used in all advertising for the show and we would also sell patterns of the quilt as a fundraiser.

The winning quilt is a beauty and depicts the bridge over the Cooper River with the Charleston skyline in the background. It will be a wonderful representation of the quilt theme.

This was my submission for the contest.

It was fun to make, but the workmanship is not very good. I had to rush to meet the deadline and took too many shortcuts.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Disappearing 4 Patch

While browsing around on Pinterest I saw this take on the disappearing 4 patch and thought it was interesting.

Hayden recently asked me to make her a quilt and she had some very specific wishes on how it should look.  One side "should be yellow and pink squares" and the other should have "a pink dog and a yellow cat on a light blue background."  I decided that I would use the disappearing 4 patch to make her pink and yellow square side.  I know it's not really what she asked for, but hopefully she'll think it's okay.

I started with a basic 4 patch using 6" squares - so it measured 12.5" at this point:

Then I marked 2 inches in from each corner:


I put the block on my rotating cutting board and cut a diagonal line from the upper left corner to the lower right. Then I turned the board and continued making cuts from the upper left to lower right until I had made 4 cuts without disturbing the block until all the cuts were made.

The pieces were swapped around to look like this:

Then sewn together in 3 sections.

Finally the block was trimmed up to 9.5"

Here are several on the design wall.  Sure hope Hayden likes them.  Now to work on that cat & dog!