Monday, July 18, 2011

Finally finished!

Some time ago several of my quilting friends decided to make a quilt called Monterrey Medallion.  Each person chose her own colorway for the quilt so it was fun watching them take shape and seeing how each looked so different.    I got to thinking that I would like the quilt in a black and bright colorway and finally decided to make it.    It took me a while because I don't usually make anything this big.   Most of my work is wall sized.   This is the first quilt that I can actually put on a bed and have it actually fit.  I want to make matching pillow shams for it, but until I do, these Bed Bath &Beyond black shams will have to do.   I've named the quilt Stars over Monterey. 
(click photos for a larger view)  Please excuse the disorder in the bedroom.  We STILL are not completely unpacked and haven't put art work on the walls yet or anything.