Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I worked at the law firm in California, I enjoyed all the art work in the buildings. The firm even had an art committee for selecting the pieces for the various locations. I walked by this painting several times a day for 6 years and kept thinking 'there's a quilt in there somewhere.'

I finally took a photo of the painting and stuck the photo on my design wall and pondered it for a while. I shared it with Jerry and the math guy that he is, he helped me draft out a pattern which turned into this quilt:

The entire quilt was paper pieced using freezer paper. If I were making the quilt again I'd made the transition between the dark and medium teals less abrupt. The line is just too defined. It couldn't have been too bad though, since it did get juried into Houston a couple of years ago.

What inspires you?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yard Art

Several years ago the QuiltArt list had a discussion about tacky yard art. As often happens on that list, soon a challenge was issued to make a yard art quilt. While deciding what my yard art quilt should look like, I remembered Carhenge which is one man's tribute to Stonehenge. I knew that would be the subject of my quilt. This photo (clickable for larger view) was actually taken before I added birds in the sky and additional "bushes" by the cars on the ground, extending the bushes over the binding.

A conversation on QuiltArt yesterday prompted one list member to ask about the challenge, so I decided to post of photo of my quilt.

This quilt was in a special exhibit at Houston in 2005 called QuiltArt at 10. Representative quilts from various QuiltArt challenges were displayed in the exhibit. In addition to Houston, the exhibit hung in Chicago and France. My silly quilt has traveled more than I have!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Productive Day

My mini group (the Ducks) met today for a marathon piecing session. Our guild, the Cobblestone Quilters Guild, is making quilts for the families of the Charleston 9, the 9 firefighters that were killed in the line of duty on June 18th. Several members of our guild knew some of the fallen firefighters.

The guild plans to make more than just 9 quilts so that members of extended families will receive one. Today the morning Ducks managed to piece 5 tops. The evening Ducks will make a couple and a few other mini groups will make several. We will turn the quilts over to the fire chief and let him decide to distribute them.

It's amazing what can be accomplished with everyone pitches in.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


As I mentioned back last month (here)I made a purse while sewing at Karen's. Here's a photo of the purse from that day. (photos are clickable for larger views)

I liked the purse, but wanted one that was in spring/summer colors rather than fall/winter. I used the same pattern to make my new purse.

In addition to the patch pockets that the pattern called for, I put a zippered pocket in this new purse. Didn't do a very good job with that part, but, it serves its purpose.

I got the button from Wal-Mart!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who's that girl?

My quilt guild has a retreat every summer. The theme of this year's retreat is the 60's. We've each been asked to bring a photo of ourselves taken sometime in that decade. I don't know what's going to be done with the photos, but I'm guessing that we might have to try to figure out who's who from the photos. I was talking to my mother recently and mentioned that I needed photos from that time frame. She went through a couple of boxes and found a few to send me.

Here's one of me and my oldest friend in the world, Liz. Liz and I are a month apart in age and grew up across the street from each other. (she's the tall one on the left) Notice my cute cat eye glasses. Aren't they the height of fashion? I think Liz is looking at me like that because she's jealous she doesn't have cool glasses too! (photos are clickable)

What's missing from this next picture? Do you think Liz stole my glasses?

Actually, I'm sure the glasses are missing because my mother made me take them off for the photo. She hated herself in glasses and almost always removed them for photos and she often had me do it too "to look better." When I graduated from Junior High school (9th grade) we had graduation photos just like the high school seniors. My mother 'encouraged' me to have mine taken without the glasses. When I passed them out to my classmates they didn't recognize me - none of them had ever seen me without the glasses. What were we thinking - and why did I let her talk me into that?

I've always considered myself over weight and yet I don't think I look that heavy in these photos. I'd kill to be that size now!

Both of these photos were taken at Christmas 1965. It's obvious that the photo of me alone was taken before the one of Liz and me because of the number of Christmas cards on the piano. Note the inflatable angel on the piano? Very classy don't you think? I noticed that the cushion on the piano bench is different in the two photos. Maybe we got a new one for Christmas?

By the way, no one in the house really played the piano. My dad was the only person who could play and it was actually his when he was a kid, but it stayed with us at the house after the divorce.

Guess I'll have to find some other photos to take to retreat now that I've shared these!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Deb's questions

Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings always has some interesting questions. Here are some she asked in honor of the July 4th Holiday.

It’s a summer holiday and you’ve been invited to a big family-and-friends potluck celebration. What would you bring?

I'd probably bring my Calico Beans - baked beans with a little extra. They are always a hit. I have to confess that it's not my recipe - I got it from someone back in the 80's when we lived at Fort Totten, New York, (an Army base - we were one of the token Navy families on the base)

Once you’re there at this imaginary holiday party, how would you spend most of your time?

Probably sitting around socializing. I doubt I'd be taking part in any games like volleyball, etc. because it's usually just too hot here in South Carolina.

The person in charge of music is taking requests. What song would you like to hear? Would you get up and dance to it or just sit back and listen?

Oh, that's easy - anything Motown. I might not get up and dance but I'd be grooving in my seat for sure.

They’re having fireworks! Would you enjoy them or endure them? Would you help set them off or sit back and watch?

I'd really enjoy the fireworks, but I wouldn't take any part in setting them off. I'd hope that whoever was doing that was being very careful.

It’s getting late and the party is breaking up. Would you be one of the first to leave, or the last person the host is pushing out the door, or somewhere in between?

That would depend on whether Jerry was there or not. Typically he seems to be one of the earliest to leave, but I think I'd tend to hang around longer if he were not with me.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July

Happy 4th of July! Yesterday was my sister-in-law Janice's birthday and today is my grand-nephew Brandon's birthday. Happy Birthday to both of you!

I spent a couple of hours today making a quilt block for my local quilt shop's block of the month. The quilt we're making is called Hot Flashes. Here's a photo of it, but we're using slightly different fabrics.

I have to provide the background fabric, but for an investment of $21 the shop will provide us with the main fabric and instructions for a block each month. As long as each month's block is completed on time (and we have to actually take it to the shop and show them it's done) we will be provided the materials for the next block without any further charge. I'm not sure why is signed up to do this because I typically don't do this type of thing, but I guess I just wanted to be part of the group! Several members of my mini quilt group are taking part as well.

We'd talked about going over to see the kids today, but when I called they weren't home. Probably went to Chrystal's mom's house for the holiday. I haven't seen my grandbabies for a couple of days and I'm in Noah & Hayden withdrawal.

Instead I'll just post of photo of Hayden.

Isn't she a cutie?