Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Who's that girl?

My quilt guild has a retreat every summer. The theme of this year's retreat is the 60's. We've each been asked to bring a photo of ourselves taken sometime in that decade. I don't know what's going to be done with the photos, but I'm guessing that we might have to try to figure out who's who from the photos. I was talking to my mother recently and mentioned that I needed photos from that time frame. She went through a couple of boxes and found a few to send me.

Here's one of me and my oldest friend in the world, Liz. Liz and I are a month apart in age and grew up across the street from each other. (she's the tall one on the left) Notice my cute cat eye glasses. Aren't they the height of fashion? I think Liz is looking at me like that because she's jealous she doesn't have cool glasses too! (photos are clickable)

What's missing from this next picture? Do you think Liz stole my glasses?

Actually, I'm sure the glasses are missing because my mother made me take them off for the photo. She hated herself in glasses and almost always removed them for photos and she often had me do it too "to look better." When I graduated from Junior High school (9th grade) we had graduation photos just like the high school seniors. My mother 'encouraged' me to have mine taken without the glasses. When I passed them out to my classmates they didn't recognize me - none of them had ever seen me without the glasses. What were we thinking - and why did I let her talk me into that?

I've always considered myself over weight and yet I don't think I look that heavy in these photos. I'd kill to be that size now!

Both of these photos were taken at Christmas 1965. It's obvious that the photo of me alone was taken before the one of Liz and me because of the number of Christmas cards on the piano. Note the inflatable angel on the piano? Very classy don't you think? I noticed that the cushion on the piano bench is different in the two photos. Maybe we got a new one for Christmas?

By the way, no one in the house really played the piano. My dad was the only person who could play and it was actually his when he was a kid, but it stayed with us at the house after the divorce.

Guess I'll have to find some other photos to take to retreat now that I've shared these!

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KK said...

Well, you sure were a busy little gal after the meeting last night! I think I had the identical same glasses! You sure were a cutie-patootie then. I'd kill to be the same size as I was in '65 too.