Saturday, December 13, 2014

While I was gone...

During my blog 'vacation' my guild held its quilt show.  I entered a couple of quilts and actually was awarded two ribbons!  My "Ohmigosh, what WAS I thinking" earned an honorable mention.  I love the color gradation on this quilt.

And "Success" was awarded a 2nd place.  

Both quilts were pieced by me and quilted by Karen Kendo.

The Success quilt was made for Craig in honor of his graduation (with honors!!) from The Citadel's evening program.  It's in Citadel's colors.  He had attended 5 different colleges over the course of 25 years so it was a great relief for him to finally finish.   This is the first quilt I've ever made for Craig so it was long overdue.  I had to laugh when he opened it - he said it was much more traditional than what I usually do.  Guess tradition is in the eye of the beholder.

At the end of last year I got a long-arm machine so I'm hoping that future quilts will be entirely made by me.  I won't have to quilt by check any longer!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth!

My brother recently asked me for a link to my blog and I realized that I haven't updated it since January.  Babies have been birthed in less time!

When I last posted Jerry and I had just finished running the Disney Half Marathon.  I enjoyed the experience so much that I signed up to run the Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney World in February.  The challenge is a 10k on Friday and a half marathon on Saturday.  If I'm successful I'll get 3 medals - one for each race and one for completing the challenge.

Yes, I think I'm crazy!  Jerry is only going to run the 10k this time. 

I'll post about other doings in our lives in the next few days - I hope!  I need to get used to the changes they've made to blogspot first.