Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ohmigosh - I must be crazy

At our quilt show last year Vicki McCormick entered a quilt called Ohmigosh.  I was white gloving near her quilt and spent a good bit of time admiring it.  For some reason I decided I wanted to try to make the same pattern.  Vicki's was done scrappy and was just lovely.  I thought I'd try to do my version in a more controlled color palette.  I had been reading Joen Wolfrom's book on color and liked a color wheel she featured that had yellow, magenta and turquoise as the primary colors instead of the red, blue and yellow we're used to seeing. 

The quilt consists of 2 blocks which finish at 4.5":   A double nine-patch

and a shoo-fly block:

Most of it was strip piecing using 1" wide strips.  I used triangles on a roll for the half-square triangles.

After working on and off for over a year I finally got the blocks sewn together. 

Now I need to decide on the border.  The pattern calls for an inner border of about 1", a middle border of about 3/4" and an outer border of 4".  In keeping with the established color scheme I auditioned a blue and magenta border combination

a blue and yellow border

a magenta and blue border

and a magenta and yellow border.

I'm open to other suggestions!  I need to get this one finished and off the design wall!