Friday, July 06, 2007

Deb's questions

Deb over at Red Shoe Ramblings always has some interesting questions. Here are some she asked in honor of the July 4th Holiday.

It’s a summer holiday and you’ve been invited to a big family-and-friends potluck celebration. What would you bring?

I'd probably bring my Calico Beans - baked beans with a little extra. They are always a hit. I have to confess that it's not my recipe - I got it from someone back in the 80's when we lived at Fort Totten, New York, (an Army base - we were one of the token Navy families on the base)

Once you’re there at this imaginary holiday party, how would you spend most of your time?

Probably sitting around socializing. I doubt I'd be taking part in any games like volleyball, etc. because it's usually just too hot here in South Carolina.

The person in charge of music is taking requests. What song would you like to hear? Would you get up and dance to it or just sit back and listen?

Oh, that's easy - anything Motown. I might not get up and dance but I'd be grooving in my seat for sure.

They’re having fireworks! Would you enjoy them or endure them? Would you help set them off or sit back and watch?

I'd really enjoy the fireworks, but I wouldn't take any part in setting them off. I'd hope that whoever was doing that was being very careful.

It’s getting late and the party is breaking up. Would you be one of the first to leave, or the last person the host is pushing out the door, or somewhere in between?

That would depend on whether Jerry was there or not. Typically he seems to be one of the earliest to leave, but I think I'd tend to hang around longer if he were not with me.


Deb R said...

Glad you played, Corky!
Yay to Motown! I'd have to dance to some of that. :-)

KK said...

oh, boy - I go away for less than a week and come home to two posts from you!

I would be up and DANCING to that Motown for sure!

Will you be at TTT??