Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday sewing

My friend Karen has a separate studio on her property. It's the manufactured home her mother-in-law used to live in before they had to move her into an assisted living facility. Karen jokingly refers to her Tuesday sewing get-together as Trailer Trash Tuesday (TTT). I haven't been able to join the quilters before, but now my Tuesdays have opened up so I can go have fun too.

I packed up everything I wanted to take with me last night. I decided to finally make this Sweet Treasures purse. I've had the materials to make it for some time but hesitated to start it because purse making isn't my strong suit. I figured someone at TTT would be able to help if I got stuck. They probably could have too, IF I'd remembered the pattern!

Karen let me go through her drawer of purse/tote patterns and she had one by fellow South Carolinian Jennifer Amor that would work with the amount of fabric I had with me and it was a pattern I also have so I knew I could start it with Karen's pattern and finish up at home with my copy of it.
Here's the pattern I ended up using - although I'm not doing it as a flamingo purse because the fabrics I'm using don't lend themselves to a flamingo applique.
I'm doing the closed purse, not the open tote bag. I'm disappointed that I had to change my plan because of the forgotten pattern, but I think it will work out okay.

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KK said...

Your alternate plan will result in a great purse and then we can make another one using the correct pattern - which I happen to like a LOT, BTW!!