Tuesday, July 31, 2007


When I worked at the law firm in California, I enjoyed all the art work in the buildings. The firm even had an art committee for selecting the pieces for the various locations. I walked by this painting several times a day for 6 years and kept thinking 'there's a quilt in there somewhere.'

I finally took a photo of the painting and stuck the photo on my design wall and pondered it for a while. I shared it with Jerry and the math guy that he is, he helped me draft out a pattern which turned into this quilt:

The entire quilt was paper pieced using freezer paper. If I were making the quilt again I'd made the transition between the dark and medium teals less abrupt. The line is just too defined. It couldn't have been too bad though, since it did get juried into Houston a couple of years ago.

What inspires you?


KK said...

Well, for one thing - you inspire me!! That is a fabulous quilt. Missed you today - even had a new iron for you to use!

Jen - Cre8tive Quilter said...

Wow, Just WOW. I think you're an inspiration to me now!! =). I really like that it's not just a pattern you purchased. You had an idea, you got help to draft it and had specatcular results! I'm blown away!!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing!! I love it!! I like the quilt better than the pic because the shapes appeal to me more.. and of course I read something into the geese flying in... but I'm just probably over analyzing again. And seriously... you slept through TTT??!! If I was closer nothing could keep me from that event ;-) - Jan

Anonymous said...

We missed you on Tuesday.
I liked the purse site definitely originals.
Bring the pictures to Retreat we won't tell.
Joanne thinks I should meet you at Publix with a camera if you will wear your tee shirt.


Phyllis said...

This quilt is awesome!!! I would love to get to that point in my work. Can't wait to see what's next.