Sunday, August 22, 2010

9 years ago

Noah was born 9 years ago today.

I remember that day so well. We were living in California and waiting anxiously to hear that he had arrived safely. We didn't get to Charleston to see him for a week and it was so hard to miss so much of his infancy.

He decided on a slip & slide party so we set that up, filled up a bunch of water balloons and got out the water guns. It has been so hot and humid that when I brought the camera out for photos the lens fogged up. I didn't realize it as I was taking the photos so that's why some of these photos look blurry.

He shares his birthday with his Aunt Heather who turned 21 today. Her party may involve some slipping and sliding, but not the same kind as Noah's!

Happy Birthday Noah (and Heather)!

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Judy Heyward said...

They grow up so fast, don't they?