Thursday, October 21, 2010

Field Trip

Hayden's pre-school class made a trip to West Farm yesterday. They had a busy morning of activities. (click photos for larger view)

She got to pick out her own pumpkin...

...which she and mommy decorated with paint and stickers

She got to feed the cow and the sheep

We went on a hayride

and she ran through the haybale maze

It's hard to get all the kids to pose for a photo

But more fun saying "CHEESE" when mommy is there.

At dinner we always ask the kids what the best part of their day was. When we asked Hayden what the best was for her she said it was the bouncy ball at the farm.

It was a fun day.

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Laura said...

I think you responded to a question I asked on the quiltart list, but when I tried to reply to you, yahoo said you were a spammer and wouldn't let me send the message. Anyways, thanks for answering! On your blog, you mention Redford High in Detroit--I lived in Detroit until I was 10 years old (that was 1967) and took swimming lessons every summer at Redford High School, we lived a couple of blocks from there and walked there alone (it was sure a different world!)