Sunday, July 09, 2006

My brush(es) with fame

I have always had a crush on Mark Harmon as my answer to the question about favorite actor indicates. It's not surprising that I married someone with similar coloring is it?

We lived in the Los Angeles area just prior to our return to Charleston. Every once in a while we'd cross paths with someone famous. (I saw Lassie's mom more than once). One day as I left the grocery store I found a man standing next to the driver's door of my car. I stopped for a second to wait for him to step aside & then realized it was MARK HARMON my crush for years. He noticed me standing there - we locked eyes (sigh) - and I lamely said 'excuse me.' His response was 'oh, I'm sorry' and he stepped aside. MARK HARMON spoke to ME! I can die happy now.

Up until then my big thrill was that we once flew on a plane with Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland and Robert Redford, but none of them spoke to me. (they actually filmed a small portion of the movie Ordinary People on the flight- but up in 1st class, not back in the cheap seats with us)

I also once spoke with Joe Namath. Jerry and I were staying at a hotel in Atlanta. There was an interesting star in the tile design on the lobby floor and I was standing there sketching the design when Joe Namath walked across the lobby. They were holding an induction ceremony for the Georgia sports hall of fame and he was there to induct a friend. Since I had paper and pen in hand I got his autograph. I used the star design as the center for this round robin quilt which I titled "Joe's Traveling Star." It was a great group of round robin folks. Each quilt was beautiful. Unfortunately, since I only knew the people from the internet, I've since lost track of all the women who worked on my quilt. If you recognize it as something you worked on, drop me a line!

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