Monday, August 14, 2006

First Day of School

Noah started kindergarten this morning. He's been attending pre-school for several years so school isn't an entirely new experience for him. Chrystal said he just joined in with the other kids and threw kisses to mom & dad as they left. Good to hear that he's going to adjust well. He's a really bright kid (if I say so myself) so I hope school will challenge him.

I found a photo of MY first day of school at John C. Lodge elementary school in Detroit. I still remember the cloak room this photo was taken in. I'm the second person from the left and in the middle is Liz, my oldest friend in the world. (well she's not the oldest, just the longest). I think the blond on the far left is named Nancy - but I'm not entirely sure. The girl on the far right is Lori Richards. I have no idea who the girl in the overcoat is. Notice she has pants on too. Back then we couldn't wear pants in school, but we used to wear them under our dresses to keep warm on the walk back & forth to school and then would take them off upon arrival. Obviously she had just gotten there.


Anonymous said...

Wow, have you ever seen two cuter girls in your life. Looking at the picture, the second from the left and the one in the middle. I showed the picture to some of the people I work with and they thought those two were sisters. At one time we were so close I guess we could have been!!!! This has been fun reading. Your quilts are absolutely beautiful. You should definitely win in Houston, can I vote!!!

I'm going to keep checking back to see the comments you receive, it breaks up my day at work and makes me smile. Hope all is well with you. Take care friend. Love, Liz

QuiltingFitzy said...

Great Photo!

Grad of Redford High School 8^)

Dianna in Maui said...

Speaking of pants, I remember my mom freaking out when I wanted to wear shorts under my dress. I loved recess and playing on the monkeybars and swings and didn't want anyone seeing my underwear. My mom said if I was going to wear a dress I was going to have to act like a lady. I tried it several times but never got away with it!