Saturday, September 09, 2006

A week of anniversaries

We picked a popular week in which to get married. Craig & Chrystal were married on September 2nd. Our friends John & June on the 3rd. My nephew Eric & Melissa and my cousin Donovan & Lori were married on September 8th. Chrystal's mom & stepdad, Pam and Randy and Jerry & I all celebrate today, September 9th.

John & June are the longest married, but only have us beat by one year. They celebrated 35 years and today we celebrate 34.

I can't believe how young we look here, but after all we were both only 20 years old.

Our ceremony was in the garden of the Botsford Inn in Farmington, MI. I thought I was so classy with the flowers in my hair. My mother and I had an argument the morning of the ceremony because I refused to wear a veil. She even borrowed a co-worker's veil for me to use, but I insisted on the flowers. I should have spent more time fighting for a decent band for the reception. The band she picked out included a banjo and an accordion!

My dress only cost $20. I bought it at the store sample sale. I had to have a few alterations, and it needed to be cleaned, so it probably ended up costing about $50.

Our honeymoon was spent in Frankenmuth, Michigan We only spent a couple of days there. Four days after the wedding Jerry left for duty on a submarine tender in Dunoon, Scotland. I didn't get to join him there until Thanksgiving.

Thus far our celebration today has included more work on the master bathroom shower disaster. We are going out to dinner tonight. Any excuse for a good meal!


Del said...

Congratulations, Corky! September must be a lucky month for weddings. Good luck w/your shower renovation. Del in SCalif

Grandma Carol said...

Way to go! Our 45th was September 9th. Keep up the good work.
See my blog for picture:

Lucia said...

These photos are classics! Congratulations. Isn't it amazing how weddings have went from something self-planned and within a budget to crazy big take-out-a-loan events?

Elle said...

I wore a flower in my hair (a lily) like that when I got married too. It's still such a shocking deal when you decide not to wear a veil, lol. Congrats to you!

Jane Ann said...

So funny about the band! Thanks for taking me back. When my daughter married in 2000, she secured her made-by-Mom veil just over her low hair bun with exquisite blush/cream roses. Nice combination.

I'm struck by how demure your gown is. Today it's nothin' but strapless and hoochie-mama. I have a 33-y-o who hasn't worn sleeveless since 25 (she's very trim), so I don't know what she'll do when she gets married. I've noticed some wedding dress makers have "modesty" styles for Mormons and others with the good taste not to turn a wedding into a skin show.