Friday, November 10, 2006


I saw an article in my local paper today talking about this website on which you can find passenger info about people from the UK who immigrated to the US. The data is available for entries between 1820 to 1960. I was able to find both of my maternal grandparents who immigrated through Canada into Detroit. They were already married when they came into the US in 1923, but separately; my grandfather in March and my grandmother in May. I've always known that one of my grandparents was from Ireland and one from Scotland, but I didn't know which. Turns out my grandfather, Sidney Gunning, was born in Belfast Ireland and my grandmother, Agnes Gunning, was born in Greenock Scotland. The odd thing about that is that when we lived in Dunoon Scotland, we were just across the River Clyde from Greenock and I never knew it was her birthplace.

While I never knew either of my grandparents, I have seen samples of my grandfather's handwriting - which was very elegant and looked a bit like calligraphy. The image of his entry card that I found on-line was obviously filled out by him in his own beautiful handwriting.

The info on the website is only free until November 30th and does require registration, but is interesting to browse.

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