Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Boys and their toys

I think it's now official - Jerry has reached the height of a mid-life crisis. (although as Craig pointed out, he's a bit late for 'mid-life' unless he's planning to stay around until he's over 100).

About 2 weeks ago Jerry decided to grow a beard. I've never been a huge fan of beards, so I've been giving him a hard time, which he just laughs off.

Now, to go with his beard he has purchased a motorcycle.

This is the 3rd bike he's owned, but the first since the 80's. This wasn't a spur of the moment purchase for him as he's spent the last 6 months or so looking for just the right bike.

Now that Jerry has a motorcycle, I think I should be able to get what I want - don't you?

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debraspincic said...

Why do you want a golf cart?

Thanks for the Lone Star directions too.