Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

How is it possible that 2006 is over? I don't make resolutions, but I hope that I can accomplish some things this year.

I'd like to lose weight. My friend June and I have been lamenting that we need to lose weight by October before a crew reunion for the USS Grant, a submarine our husbands were on together.

I need to keep my studio more organized. Right now it's difficult to work in the clutter.

I need to get more sewing done. I have all this fabric and all these ideas, but I just don't seem to get going on it. My quilt guild is having a UFO busting challenge. We're to bring a UFO to the January meeting and pledge to finish it by the February meeting and so on. We'll see how good I am at keeping up! I think I'll take my Adam's Apple quilt.

I want to add more leaves to the trees before I can think about basting it for quilting so I should get going on it.


Anonymous said...

We are working on weight loss and exercise over in Quilter's Lounge. You are welcome to join us.

Janis said...

Good luck Corky. I think maybe we both caught the unmotivation bug at the same time...LOL. I'm so inspired, but I can't seem to get going on anything! Hopefully the guild thing will work for you. And I have the upcoming workshops at Road to hopefully give me the push I need. (((Corky)))