Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Old Alma Mater

I learned today that Redford High School, from which I graduated way back in 1969, is on a list of schools to be closed by the Detroit Department of Education. The school is old. It was originally built back in the '20's with the first addition constructed in the '30's. The joke when I was there was that the "new section" was already 30 years old. There have been several additions/remodels since I graduated. Enrollment has now declined to just over 1,000 students (it was probably closer to 3,500 when I was a student) and now the school is far too large for the current enrollment.

I feel like a piece of my childhood is being taken away!

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Anonymous said...

We'd heard this from several sources recently. Hope they are able to put the new sports complex to use, it's really nice! When I last toured it, it was an empty cavern. Many of the lockers had been removed up by the music rooms, and it seemed all very dreary. I just try to shut my eyes hard and remember it's busy-ness and fun of our day. It was a grand old school and a heartfelt memory.