Sunday, February 25, 2007

UFO cleanout

Several years ago I took a 'snippets' class from Cindy Walter. My class project was a vase of flowers. I put two borders on it, quilted it and then discovered that the portion inside the borders wasn't square.

I set it aside and kept thinking about how to fix it. Since it was already quilted my options seem limited. I eventually decided that I would take an inch off the outside border, slice up the quilt and use the inch of border as inserts in the sliced areas.

Well, that was such a failure that I have now deposited the work in the trash. There won't even be any photos to memorialize the disaster.

It was very freeing to just toss it and no longer worry about how to fix it.


Vicki W said...

I remember the first time that I tossed a project - it was a navy wool blazer that just didn't fit. I tried to alter it and finally just tossed it. It was very freeing!

KK said...

Corky - thought I'd visit your blog (and I've put a link on mine to yours) since you were so nice to visit mine. Browsing around I read this post. I have thrown away a few UFOs lately in my great clean-up and move and it is so freeing. It's gone. It can't make me feel bad or guilty any more. Yippee! Sure wish we could do that with some of our excess emotional baggage, don't you?