Friday, April 20, 2007

Shower centerpiece

Next Saturday is the baby shower in anticipation of the arrival of our new granddaughter. Craig & Chrystal have decided to name her Hayden Elizabeth.

I saw the directions for a cute centerpiece in a recent magazine and thought I'd give it a try. The "buds" are created out of onesies and baby washcloths wrapped around dowels and secured with floral tape. They were kind of fun to make, although I did end up cutting into my index finger at one point. Had to be careful not to bleed on the flowers!


Scrapmaker said...

Hi Corky,
This centerpiece looks great, what magazine was it in? I have a baby shower to give for my neice in June.
Great pic of you and your hubby, too. Jen

Diane said...

This is really cute! (I immediately thought that this could be so easily adapted for quilters with fat quarters!) Have fun at the shower!

Deborah said...

So cute. Congratulations on a new granddaughter. Delightful!