Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Interview

Deb posted the answers to 5 interview questions that were asked of her and agreed to 'interview' anyone who wanted with 5 questions of her choosing. Rather than have her ask me questions, I'm going to answer the ones directed to her.

1. What do you miss most about where you were born?

Initially everyone probably thinks how can you miss anything about Detroit? - but they'd be surprised. Besides all the wonderful lakes around the city on which natives covet living, Detroit has the world's best hot fudge made by Sanders. I used to miss Vernors ginger ale as well, but can now get that here in South Carolina.

2. When did you really feel you’d grown up?

A couple of years ago we bought a bedroom set - bed, dressers, nightstands, the whole thing. We both said that we finally felt grown up with bedroom furniture that matched!

3. Tell us one of your best memories!

I'd have to say the birth of my son Craig and meeting my grandson Noah for the first time. Then, of course, there was our wedding, where we watched a fly crawl across the minister's cheek.

4. What scent or smell do you like best?
I can't tolerate scents at all anymore, so I'd have to say none.

5. When I say music, what pops to mind?

Oh, that's easy - MOTOWN! You can take the girl out of Detroit, but can't take the Detroit out of the girl!

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Deb R said...

I enjoyed reading your answers to these! :-)