Monday, August 13, 2007

Beach Retreat 2007

I'm back today from my guild's annual retreat to the beach. I'll post more later, but here is a photo of the entire group. Every year we have a theme, and I think it's obvious that this year's theme was the 60's. Our tie-dyed shirts were so bright that we decided the space shuttle could see us.

(photos are clickable for larger version)

Here's a shot of the two cute boys that very kindly took our group photos for us. We must have handed them 8 cameras for photos and they did it all with a smile.


Del said...

Great photo, Corky. The shirts are wonderful, but, of course, I especially like the hats. Del

Carolinian in Texas said...

Corky....thanks for the picture. I was feeling sorry for myself all weekend, knowing you all were at the Retreat....but I consoled myself with my new I know you all had a wonderful time.