Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Too much time on his hands?

Jerry gets a magazine called "Make" that contains a bunch of odd projects.

One project he decided to try was to make "The Brain Machine" a sound and light machine that produces sound and light pulses at brain wave frequencies. This is supposed to help a person sleep, wake up, meditate or experience a pre-programed state of consciousness. (huh?)

He finished the contraption today and tried it out. He puts on the special glasses and an LED light pulses and a constant sound comes through the earplugs.

It must work because he fell asleep on the couch when he tried it out! Looks kind of odd though don't you think? If you click on the link to the magazine (click on the highlighted word Make above) you'll see the cool looking glasses the author of the article made.

Here's what he looks like without his funky glasses! He's much cuter without them!


KK said...

Wayyyy too much time on his hands! But very nice looking without the contraption.

JulieZS said...

We love Make magazine. Have you seen it's sister publication, Craft? It is pretty cool too. He's cute with and withot the contraption.