Sunday, October 28, 2007

Catching up

I haven't been posted much since going to Florida for the submarine reunion and then going to my mother's to help her get moved to Detroit. We had hoped to put my mother on a plane last Wednesday, but things didn't get set up in Detroit in time for us to do that. Instead, Jerry & I came home on Wednesday (and it POURED rain all the way from Florida to South Carolina). We are going to drive back down to my mother's on Tuesday to help her pack her suitcases and then we'll put her on the plane on Wednesday the 31st. My brother will have everything lined up for her at the retirement home in Detroit (hopefully!)

Besides taking care of the issues with my mother, we've been finishing up the remodel of my quilt studio. We have one final inspection to have done and then I can move all of my junk back into the room. I'm having trouble deciding where I want everything to go, but I'm anxious to get moved back into the room and to get all of my assorted sewing stuff out of the rest of the house.

Jerry and I went to the fair this afternoon and when we got home the kids were sitting in the living room waiting for us. What a nice treat to find them here. They'd come over for a belated birthday celebration for Jerry since we were in Florida for his birthday last Sunday. They'd taken Noah & Hayden for photographs earlier today and already had the photos to share. I think they're WONDERFUL, but then again I'm biased.

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KK said...

Love the pics! Especialy the "nekkid" Santa!! We are going to miss you tomorrow. Have a safe trip.