Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another dress for Hayden

This is the dress that took me an entire year to smock because I worked on it so seldom during the year. I finally got it constructed this weekend and it was a big pain to do. The instructions with the pattern were horrible! I actually still need to put the buttons on, but turns out I don't have just the right ones so I'll have to go out for some.

I've been feeling sick on and off since Sunday. Actually got sick yesterday. A few years ago I had a weird virus with nausea that lasted on and off for about 5 days and this sort of feels the same. I'm hoping it won't last that long. I'm feeling better this evening so maybe I've turned the corner! (although when I had it before I lost 9 pounds in those 5 days...hummm...I wonder if it's worth it. NOPE!)


KK said...

Corky - it's beeeeeyooootimous!! You did a wonderful job. Sure hope you are feeling better - we missed you today.

Are you going to be at Quilter's Day Out on Saturday?

Judy Heyward said...

Well worth the effort, Corky. I hope you take a bezillion photos of it for posterity! I'm sorry you're not feeling well and hope you get better real soon. Losing weight probably wouldn't be worth the effort because it just seems to come right back after you feel better.

Zegi said...

Oh is it gorgeous! You should be proud. :) Hope you are feeling better soon

Del said...

It is beautiful and what a lovely shade of blue!
Be well soon. Del

Anonymous said...

Corky, it looks wonderful, I can't wait to see a picture of Hayden in her dress. Does this mean you won't be sitting on the couch with me at ducks anymore?


Maureen said...

I think the dress was worth the effort!!!
Good to see you today.

Anonymous said...

Corky, The dress turned out beautiful, I expect to see a pic of Hayden in the dress. Are you readt to start another smocking project??? Sheila