Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun day in the studio

On Saturday 10 of us were privileged to take a class with Judy Heyward, an award winning quilt artist. We're lucky she's a member of our guild. We all trekked up to Karen's studio with sewing machines and fabric in hand and spent the day creating our own version of Judy's sunflower wallhanging.

Here is a class sample. (all photos clickable for a larger view)

Most of us got quite far on the center part of the wallhanging, but still needed to put the borders on.

This is Betsy's version of the main part.

Here is Virginia's version. I think she got the most done during the class and was getting the check border sewn just before leaving.

After class Karen and Jolene - pictured below- surpassed all of us and completed their entire tops before going to bed that night. You can see their completed tops and more photos of the class at Karen's blog here and some photos Judy took at her blog here

My version is going slowly and I don't have a photo to share yet. Hopefully soon.

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KK said...

I really did have a good time Saturday although my facial expression in the picture belies that!