Thursday, July 17, 2008

Beach retreat projects

I spent most of retreat working on this paper pieced daffodil wall hanging. I've had this for at least 10 years and finally pulled it out to work on. Since this photo was taken I've added a small 1" border (which will finish to 1/2") in the darkest yellow. I still need a wider outside border, but will have to go shopping for just the right fabric. The pattern is by Eileen Sullivan. I've done a couple of her other paper pieced patterns which look complicated but aren't really all that hard. (photos are clickable for larger view. If you enlarge the daffodils you might notice the registration marks showing through the fabric. Those marks are on the paper pattern and were to assist in getting each segment joined to the next correctly. The paper-and the registration marks-will be removed)

After I finished the daffodils I cut out two more four patch swirls. This first one is out of some incredibly cheap fabric that I stumbled across in the stash the other day. I was going to donate it to the silent auction, but decided I'd see if it would work as a 4 patch. It actually made some interesting blocks but the fabric is still really cheap!

I then cut out this one. These blocks are smaller than the other blocks because the repeat on the fabric was smaller. I haven't decided what to use as sashings for either of these 4 patch swirls, but I expect a shopping trip is in order!

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Judy Heyward said...

Looks like you were busy, busy, busy, Corky. The daffodil turned out really nice and the four patch swirls are dynamic--especially the one out of not-cheap fabric.