Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fabric Fun

I took a rag rug class recently and have been cutting up excess fabric for the crocheting. Today I cut up a bunch of one inch strips and thought I'd share them with the kids before using them. Hayden enjoyed having the strips thrown on top of her head!

She laughed every time a pile of strips landed on top of her.

Noah got into the act and was having fun just throwing the fabric up in the air. I love this action photo catching him in mid-throw. That's Craig there in the background at the dining table playing with one of the Lego sets Noah got for his birthday! (click on photos for larger view)


Judy Heyward said...

It looks like making rag rugs us fun for everyone, Corky!

Del said...

What a great shot of Noah throwing fabric! It would make an interesting quilt a la Ruth McD! Hope you will show your rug(s) when you have finished.