Sunday, November 16, 2008

My 15 minutes

I took part in last year's journal quilt project and my quilt was displayed at the Houston, Chicago, and Long Beach quilt shows. (here's a photo of the quilt)

My friend Judy came across a VidCast about the journal quilts and mine was included! I don't have a direct link to the VidCast, but you can see it if you: 1. click here 2. click on "new VidCasts" on the left and then 3. click on Journal Quilts Part 2. My quilt is discussed about half way through.

For those of you that are not quilters, the narrator, Karey Bresnhan, is a huge force in the quilt community and is highly respected. Hearing her say such good things about my quilt is a real honor.


KK said...

Corky - every time I see your journal quilt I love it even more. You completely captured the feeling of celebration for the new bridge. I think you need to do a series of bridge quilts - you have at least two already, right?


Del said...

I'll second KK's thoughts. I seem to remember that a bridge series was in progress. What progress, eh?