Monday, June 15, 2009

Quilters day out

My quilt guild holds Quilters Day Out every couple of months. It's a fun opportunity for guild members to get together and sew. Usually the organizers have a simple project lined up for everyone to do. If someone isn't interested in doing the planned project she can bring something else to work on.

At our last QDO each person was asked to bring a bunch of 6" squares - half light and half dark. (I can't remember exactly how many of each we were supposed to bring - I think it was about 125 of each) The squares were then stacked up on a table and everyone went around selecting squares from all the piles. We ended up with a nice variety of colors and patterns with which to work.

We sewed a light and dark square together diagonally to create a new square that was half light and half dark. Unfortunately many guild members used this swap of fabric as an excuse to get rid of their really poor quality stuff. Some of the fabrics are downright scary. Even so, I challenged myself to just sew together random lights and darks without trying to make 'pretty' blocks. Some of the combinations I ended up with were really ugly, but I did my best to include them.

The blocks could be laid out in several different configurations. We had enough blocks that I was able to make 4 different designs - each of which will be 40" x 40" when completed.

After taking these photos I realized I could have done a better job in placing the blocks in each design. It's amazing how the work looks different when viewed through the camera lens.

There is some Elvis fabric hidden in this one.

I was amazed at how many green blocks I had. This last quilt was made up of all the 'leftovers' and it sure has lots of green.

Once I figure out how to quilt these I will donate them to our community service project. These will be a good size for wheelchair quilts so they may go to the VA hospital.

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KK said...

Corky - I really like how you did a color wheel/rainbow with the darks in the first design. Really cool.

Want to try your hand again at the long arm to quilt these?