Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hitting the road

Several members of the TTT gang are leaving in the morning to attend the AQS quilt show in Knoxville, TN. After the show Karen is going to join me on my trip to the place pictured here. Do you recognize this skyline?

It's my home town - Detroit. I'm going to visit family and friends for a few days and will be attending an all class golf tournament/dinner reunion for my high school - Redford High School. Many of the Detroit Public Schools have been closed in the past few years and Redford is one. I understand that my elementary school was also closed this summer.

I never posted photos of what I did at our guild's beach retreat. This top was created from a kit I purchased at Sew 'n Sew. The blocks were constructed at retreat and I sewed them all together after I got home. This is a whole lot bigger than what I usually make and I had a problem finding somewhere to photograph it. Not sure whether this will end up as a charity quilt or not.

I spent most of retreat making this paper pieced iris. This still needs a border. I really enjoy doing complex paper piecing projects but by the comments I got while working on it, it's obvious not everyone enjoys it.

See you all after I get back from my Motown trip.

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Judy Heyward said...

Lovely paper-pieced project, Corky. It's certainly more complex than I would want to do. You get an A+ for perserverance!