Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More beach retreat photos

I'm still having some posting issues with photos, but have a few more to share.

This is Louise with her Ricky Tims quilt. The floral fabric in this quilt is the same as the fabric Jeanne used in her Asian style quilt that I posted yesterday. (click photos for larger view)

Marva made this cool Tree of Life quilt. She mentioned a couple of times that it used the "herky jerky" technique. I haven't heard that term before and kept meaning to ask her about it, but never got the chance. (sorry this is so blurry)

This is Karen's outer space quilt. The dark fabric is printed with space ships.

This is Sheila's Cracked Pots quilt. 4 people have been working on this same pattern for a while and all 4 finished their quilts at retreat. Unfortunately, I missed getting photos of the others so can only share Sheila's. Way too much precise work for me!

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Judy Heyward said...

Great pics, Corky. I don't know what herky jerky is either. Have you found out yet?