Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TTT sweat shop

The TTT (Tuesday Thimbles and Threads) gang decided to make 3 quilts to present to a Habitat for Humanity family. The mother and 2 daughters are moving into a "Woman Built" home. All of the labor was provided by female volunteers.

Sheila presented the idea to the group and we all agreed it was a good idea. Through Habitat Sheila was able to talk with the new owner and find out what size/color of quilts they would like. The owner asked for a twin sized black, white, and pink quilt, a full sized blue and yellow quilt and a queen sized earth toned quilt. We pooled fabrics from our individual stashes and decided on the pattern for each quilt.

Last week we sewed the yellow and blue top. Karen very kindly did all the tedious cutting so when we arrived at the studio all we had to do was start sewing (...and sewing...and sewing...) (click photos for larger view)

By the end of the day we had assembled the top with the exception of the borders. Karen added those over the weekend.

Today we worked on the black/white/pink quilt. Again Karen was a real trooper by having the fabric all cut when we arrived. This block was a little more complicated, but only a few errors were made.

Here are Frances and Karen holding up the completed top.

Well, it's not really complete yet - there are 2 borders to be added - a pink one and then a black & white one.

The earth toned quilt is on tap for our next session.

Hopefully the family will enjoy these quilts for years to come. We've enjoyed making them.

Karen has 2 studio cats. Today Lucy was very interested in Sheila's glasses. It's a good thing Lucy let Sheila actually take them off first. The other cat, Callie, would more likely just swat them off Sheila's face if given the opportunity.

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Vicki W said...

Those are great quilts!