Saturday, August 29, 2009

Charity quilts and leaving town

Here are two quilt tops made by my splinter group for donation to charity.

We pooled fabric and made simple patterns. We ended up with 3 nearly identical quilts out of the fabric in this first quilt.

We used the pattern for this green quilt several times in different colorways. I only have the photo of this green one.

Several members of our group have longarms (quilting machines not physical deformities) and they will quilt these.

After 5 years of not visiting Detroit, I'm returning next week for the 2nd time in a month. My mother recently fell and broke her arm. The break is way up high on the arm - almost to the shoulder. She had surgery to insert pins but the surgery ended up not being successful. In fact, one of the pins fell out and my brother found it on the floor of the hospital room! They were designed to be removed after a month or so, but it's hard to imagine how one worked its way out early.

She is scheduled for additional surgery next Friday to try screws and a plate. If, when the Dr. gets in, they determine that the screws and plate won't work they're going to do a partial shoulder replacement. (this is a new Dr. and a new hospital. Mom didn't like the first hospital very much and we lost confidence in the Dr. after finding pins on the floor!)

So, I'm back up to Detroit to be there for this new surgery. This has been quite an ordeal for my 85 year old mother and she just wants to get it all behind her. Any good thoughts sent her way would be appreciated.


Judy Heyward said...

Your mother remains in my thoughts and prayers, Corky--and you do, too! It is as hard on the family members--emotionally--as it is on the patient. I know that your mom will be glad that you're there.

Carolinian in Texas said...

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family from the Texas Duck.