Thursday, August 06, 2009

Family visit

I don't get to see my family often enough. I don't ever seem to get up to Detroit where they all live and they don't get down here to Charleston.

The day before we left Detroit was my nephew Eddie's high school graduation open house. Still not sure why they waited until August to celebrate a June graduation, but because they did wait, I got to attend.

Here's Eddie with his cake. (click photos for larger view)

Me with my two brothers. Ed on the left and Claude on the right. I make sure everyone knows I'm their MUCH younger sister. Actually, I'm 6 years younger than Ed and 4 years younger than Claude.

Here are some of my other nieces and nephews.

Corinne and her husband Dan (Corinne is Ed's oldest daughter)

Eric and his wife Melissa (Eric is Claude's youngest son)

Claude, Jr. and his wife Rhonda (Do I need to say that he's Claude's oldest son)

Colin and his wife Diane (Colin is Ed's oldest son)

Kristin and her husband Brian (Kristin is Ed's youngest daughter)

(l to r) Kevin, Chris and Eddie (Ed's 3 youngest)

Claude's middle son, Paul, wasn't able to attend the party.

It's always fun to see everyone. I really need to visit more often.

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Del said...

What a great looking family you have! Must be wonderful to get together with them, even if infrequently. You look much, much younger than your brothers - good genes? ...good maintainence? Hope you have a chance to see them all together again soon. Del