Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving is coming

This year we'll be spending Thanksgiving with a large group of long time friends. Jim and Susie and their kids & grandkids will be coming from out of town. We're going to all gather at John & June's.

June and I have been breaking down all the tasks so that no one has to bear the full load of the dinner. One of the things we talked about was table linens. June said she had tablecloths but wasn't sure if she had enough napkins. I told her I'd see what I could come up with and decided I'd embroider some Thanksgiving napkins. I found a package of 12 assorted color napkins at Bed Bath & Beyond fairly cheap and picked up 2 packages. (we will be more than 12 and hopefully less than 24)

I found the turkey design in my library of embroidery designs. The variegated threads I used were fun to watch develop and I used a different thread for each of the napkin colors.

Just before I was finished with all 24 napkins I got an email from June telling me that she had enough napkins. I guess we'll have LOTS of napkins now!

(click photo for larger view)


KK said...

Those are beautiful and you will know have them for years to come - pass them on to Hayden when she grows up! I would have solved the problem with a quick trip to a big box and a purchase of pretty paper napkins. You just created a family heirloom.

KK said...

Ackkk! typing in the dark and half asleep. I meant NOW not know.

Del said...

They are so cute and have wonderful color combos. I cannot tell if they are hand or machine, but I am leaning toward hand embroidery. Hope you have a wonderful, loving, sharing, laughing Thanksgiving.