Thursday, December 24, 2009


Our first married Christmas was spent in Scotland as Jerry was stationed there with the US Navy. We'd only been there for a month when Christmas arrived. We didn't have 2 pennies to rub together and I think our elaborate Christmas tree reflects that! It was an odd holiday. Jerry had duty Christmas Eve -he went into the ship on Christmas Eve morning and worked until about 10am Christmas morning then was able to come home. My big present that year was a 'stereo' It was actually a transistor radio, but was exactly what I wanted.

The next Christmas was Craig's first. It was the same little tree but I think we took a little more care decorating. Some time during that year we got an actual stereo so I didn't need my transistor any more! The house we rented was fully furnished and I often wonder if that heavy leather furniture is still around. Check out Jerry's very plaid pants in the 2nd photo! Very 1970's! I remember staying up until the wee hours on Christmas Eve because my mother was going to have the family call me during their big Christmas Eve dinner. What with the 5 hour time difference it was going to be 2 or 3 in the morning when they called. That was back when overseas calls were a big deal and had to go through a special operator. Only problem is they forgot to call! I don't remember now if they called the next day or not.

Now, 37 Christmases later our tree is a bit bigger and there are definitely more gifts. Our house here doesn't lend itself to a tree location as well as some places we've lived. The first year here we had to go get a new slimmer tree. (wish I could get a new slimmer self that easily!)

I hope you have pleasant memories of Christmases past too. Merry Christmas!

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