Monday, January 11, 2010


Sometimes Noah gets aggravated with Hayden but generally he loves his little sister. (click photos for larger view)

Craig and the kids were just laying around the house recently.


janice said...

Corky - I love your pictures - everybody is so handsome and beautimus! Thanks again for all the fabric!

Christie Cottage said...

What a wonderful picture of a brother & sister hug!

Fabric...LOL I am so much fabric too! I am determined this year to use as much as I can and what I can't use is going to be sold or shared with someone who will use it.

Have fun quilting!

Peggy said...

I think I teach Noah and Hayden at Howe Hall Arts Infused Magnet School in Goose Creek, SC. I am Peggy Bennett their art teacher. Are you their grandma? I found your blog because I am a quilter too. Peggy

Corky said...

Peggy - I can't send a comment directly to you as blogger didn't give me your email - but yes, you would have Noah at school and I am their grandmother. I'll try to look you up one afternoon when I pick up the kids.

Peggy said...

Noah said he went to your house after school today. I'd love to see what your are working on. Peggy

KK said...

Great pics of beautiful kids! But then they have good genes!

Maureen said...

How cool that their art teacher(Peggy) is a quilter and found your blog.
Small world.

maureen-sews said...

How neat to have Noah and Hayden's art teacher find your blog because she is a quilter...small world.