Sunday, March 21, 2010

Judging a quilt show

I haven't really blogged since our guild's quilt show. It was a very successful show and we had so many beautiful quilts.

The judge for our show was Scott Murkin from North Carolina. In addition to being a quilter Scott is an MD. I wonder what it looks like when he has to stitch up a wound. Judging took place over 2 days. It's an interesting process. All of the quilts in a category were stacked on a table and Scott would examine each one and give comments. Generally he would give 2 positive comments and point out 1 area of improvement. He would then pick the best quilts in each category for ribbons.

Here's Scott in judging mode. (click photos for larger view)

Here's a category waiting for the judge.

After judging the quilts were stacked by category in anticipation of hanging the show.

Each aspect of a quilt show requires a lot of volunteers and judging is no exception.

And volunteers need to eat!

I was excited to receive a 2nd place in the Art/Innovative category for my quilt Orange Fizz. The quilt isn't hanging straight here in the photo because it was pinned to the drape. We need to work on a different way to display the smaller quilts because it's hard to pin them to a fluid drape.

Click on the photo to see the ribbon better. Our guild prides itself on unique homemade ribbons and I think that Joanne and Maureen outdid themselves with this year's ribbons. It's really nice isn't it?


Judy Heyward said...

A nice "Behind-the-Scenes" look Corky. I really liked you "Orange Fizz" and was glad Scott recognized it's uniqueness.

Del said...

YES, I agree with Judy - it is interesting to see the behind the scenes of the judging. I admired your "Orange Fizz" when you showed it previously. GREAT color, how can anyone go wrong with orange?
Wish you had been at Asilomar, it was a lovely two weeks and the 2nd week the weather was fantastic. Check the Empty Spools website to see who will be there in 2011 - they have the classes posted but no signups until the brochures come out. End of May, they say! Love, Del-a-home