Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We've just returned from a week at Myrtle Beach - the ultimate tourist trap. It was a fun trip and of course we encountered "interesting" people during the week - including the woman on the beach who had a monitoring ankle bracelet because she had just been released from County (her words). She was visiting the beach with her pet parrot.

We missed seeing the kids while we were away but got some kid time today. They brought our new granddog Nicholas with them and he sure is cute. (click photos for larger view)

He's a lab/corgi mix and looks like a lab but has the short corgi legs. It's a really funny combination.

He's very calm and allows the kids to love on him without complaint.

The kids were being silly. Don't you just love Noah's freckles?

Noah kept trying to stick his face in the way of the camera so I fixed him and took an extreme closeup. You can really see the freckles here!

Hayden got upset that she wasn't getting some extreme closeups.

She got her smile back when I stuck the camera in her face.

They liked just hanging out on the back porch.


Del said...

Oh, my goodness! I can't believe that Hayden, that sweet little girl, could look so sad and unhappy. What a contrast! Reminds me that my step-grandpa always called me "Little Miss Rain-in-the-Face" because I was so quick to cry. I sure grew out of that! I hope you told her that frowns leave wrinkles - what grandma always told me.

KK said...

I can't believe what a big girl Hayden is now! Where does the time go? Nicholas looks like the perfect dog for children.