Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We had a lively discussion today about putting on bras. According to the "experts" this is the proper way:

1. Adjust the straps to the maximum length.

2. Lean forward into the cups and rest your breasts into the supports.

3. Reach behind to hook the bra on the middle hooks of the closure.

4. Put the straps on your shoulders.

5. Position your breast in the cup by slipping a hand into the cup and lifting the breast while aligning the underwire on your ribcage along the natural crease of your breast to prevent pinching of the breast tissue.

6. Tighten the straps so that they support the breasts lightly without cutting into the skin or putting too much strain on the shoulders.

7. Adjust the straps every time you put on a bra

We polled 13 women (including the waitress at lunch!) and discovered that it's a fairly even split between those that put on their bras the "proper" way and those that fasten the hooks from the front and then spin it around - although there were slightly more spinners.

How do you put on yours? (I'm a spinner)


Anonymous said...

That's a hoot or should that be hooters.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for front closures....just to be different.

Vicki said...

I cant reach the back, so what do you think. also the straps adjust in the back.