Thursday, September 09, 2010

38 years

Today we celebrate 38 years of marriage. We were married in the garden of the Botsford Inn, a historic hotel in the Detroit suburbs. (which is no longer an Inn but part of the adjacent Botsford Hospital.) It was a beautiful late summer afternoon with vivid blue skies and puffy white clouds. A neighbor of ours, who served as minister of his church in addition to being a Detroit City Cop (interesting combination of jobs!) performed the ceremony. I don't remember a lot about the ceremony but do recall my mother complaining that Jerry's shoes needed polishing.

Four days after the wedding Jerry left for a tour of duty in Scotland with the US Navy. I joined him in Scotland 2 months later. We've been moving around every few years since!


Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Del said...

Belated wishes for a Happy Day and a wonderful year to come. You were a good looking couple then and you still are.

Judy Heyward said...

What a cute couple. You both looked very happy on your special day. And you're both still cute 38years later!