Monday, January 24, 2011


Yesterday was my 59th birthday. Thus far in my life I haven't had issues with turning a year older but perhaps next year I might have a hard time with the age. We'll see.

I bought myself a gift last week - a so fugly they're cute pair of Danskos.

I suppose the socks in the photo just add to the fugliness.

I also got a surprise gift - a new laptop because my old laptop died, It wasn't even close to 60.

Check back with me in a year to see how I feel about turning 60!


Vicki said...

love the shoes and socks. you go girl.

Del said...

You got me there - I have never seen a shoe/sock combo like that and I have never heard/read the word "fugly" and had to look it up. Surely the word came from Australia where every other word they say is F---! So, I have a new word and you have great shoes and socks. And I hope your birth day was special in every way. I'll mark my calendar for next year. Not so far away - you'll have noticed that each year goes faster than the last!