Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's LeMons time again

It's only a week until Jerry and Craig run their 2nd 24 hours of LeMons race - the endurance race for cars valued at $500 or less.

Here's what the car looked like at the race in September.

A big part of the race is choosing a theme for the car. In September they were inspired by the scene in Dirty Harry where a school bus full of kids was high-jacked. The bright yellow paint worked out great because it made the car easier to follow on the race course.

They decided to change up the theme a bit but wanted to keep the car yellow - so this time they're trying to make the car look like a bumble bee. Can you see the back end of the bee taking shape?

All those rings are being welded to the car and I understand there may be some wings added.

Craig asked me to help him out with some costuming to go with the theme. I found some bumblebee wings with antenna head boppers that are made for kid's dress up. The glitter on the wings is an added bonus. Hopefully I'll get some good photos of the guys wearing their wings.

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Judy Heyward said...

Looking forward to the pics, Corky.