Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I've just returned from Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest in Hampton, VA. I've always liked the Mancuso shows both for the quality of the quilts and the numerous vendors. I went up with 4 other friends and we stayed in Williamsburg - about 25 minutes away from the show site.

We were thrilled that one of our group was a big winner in the show. Judy's Arabian Mystery took first place - traditional. Here's Judy with her ribbon (click photos for larger view)

And the beautiful quilt. Judy's quilting is fantastic and she does it all on her domestic machine.

This is Rhapsody in Rose by Barbara Clem. It won Best of Show

There were several guild challenges on display. One guild's subject was "Quilted Landmarks" and I was very taken by this Niagara Falls quilt by Margorie Marovelli.

I enjoyed "A Day in the Life of a Diner Booth" by Linda Cantrell. (this was hard to photograph)

This is "Little Peace in 2 4 U" by Martha C Hall. I like the movement in this work.

There was a special exhibit about homelessness and this quilt "One Paycheck" by Kathy Nida caused quite a stir.

The gulf oil spill was the inspiration for Sandy Curran's "Paradise Lost"

This was probably my favorite quilt in the show (well, besides Judy's!) It's "Port of Cassis" by Lenore Crawford

3 of us took a class with Gloria Loughman and we worked on making a 'mosaic' background like Gloria's

This is the start of Dotty's beautiful blue sky

I didn't get a photo of Judy's background, but did get her trying to cut some the mosaic pieces on the floor! She moved to a table pretty quickly. It's not easy to cut on the floor

I'm trying to depict a sunset in my background

I'll share more photos in my next post.


Judy Heyward said...

That waterfall really DOES look good, Corky. Wish I'd seen it in person. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

Vicki W said...

Judy's quilt was beautiful! I think that diner quilt was my favorite of the show.

Del said...

Thanks, Corky, you know how much I enjoy looking at quilt shows through someone else's camera. The diner quilt is outstanding - nice to see the detail shots.