Monday, November 07, 2011

Government Bureaucracy?

Jerry and I moved several months ago to a new house - about 10 miles from our old home but in a new county- and we have been negligent in taking care of changing records with the county.

One of the things we needed to do was transfer our Voter's Registration.   We had to be in the County Seat for other business so we stopped by the registration office.  When they asked Jerry if he'd ever been registered in this county before he initially said no, but I reminded him that we had lived in this county years ago.  They found us on the computer and then the woman stepped to a file cabinet and pulled out our original registration forms from 1980!   We were amazed that they still had hard copies from over 30 years ago, and that they were able to find them in the matter of seconds.    Our new address was noted on the forms and probably refiled in the drawer for another 30 years!

Our trip that day also included a stop at the DMV, the County Assessor and the County Treasurer.  Not my favorite way to spend a day!

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Del said...

Guess when we live in a place for years and then move we forget how many details are involved. I've lived here longer than any place in my life and guess I would have to look for a list online: "Steps for old ladies moving house."
Heaven forbid! Looking forward to seeing more of your new house and studio. Love, Del